Thursday, 24 October 2013

A frumpy craft?

I've been looking over some of the machine knitting resources online and I've found a huge amount of information. Sadly, in most cases it's almost inaccessible because the enormous volume of information and the manner of organising it. Most of the sites I've seen are also rather unappealing because their presentation, formatting and choice of projects is very dated.

I don't mean to disparage the lovely people who have taken so much time and effort to gather this information, and shown so much expertise in preparing materials to help others. I really am enormously grateful. I just think it's such a shame that a new machine knitter may get the first impression that machine knitting is as frumpy and dated as the 80's machines we work with.

The sad thing is that so many hand-knitting blogs and sites are just the opposite. They are contemporary and clear, full of pictures and often so beautiful! Have a look at some of these:

There is a knitting renaissance and if we're not careful, machine knitting will be left out.

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