Saturday, 22 November 2014

Technique - Decreasing 2 stitches at a specific point in a row

It's important to use a method to keep track of the position of the decreased stitches as they will move as you work. I prefer to make marks on the needlebed with a sharpie which can be easily removed with a little nail polish remover when you no longer need them.
  1. Using a single transfer tool, pick up the stitch at the needlebed mark. Use another single transfer tool to pick up the next stitch to the left or right. It doesn't matter which side, as long as you choose the same side every time. If decreasing at two points in the row, I prefer to use the stitch on the right for the right point and the stitch on the left for the left point.
  2. Put the second stitch you picked up onto the marked hook and the first stitch onto the same hook afterwards.
  3. You should now have one empty hook at the side of the marked hook. Use a multi-transfer tool to pick up the next stitches. You can use a x3 transfer tool to pick up 3 stitches, but if you have a x7 transfer tool you can complete the process more quickly. 
  4. Move the stitches over by 2 hooks. The first stitch should go onto the marked hook on top of the other two stitches. 
  5. Pick up all remaining stitches 7(or 3) at a time and move them all over by 2 hooks until there are no spaces. 
  6. You can now knit the required number of rows.

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