Monday, 20 February 2017

Adventures with double jacquard

I've been trying out some double jacquard and I think I'm in love with the technique already. I tried to make a multicolour chevron stripe pattern and you'll see my first attempt on the left. It didn't work out as intended because you can only change colour every second row with the KRC-900 colour changer. My design required a colour change twice in two rows so it didn't work. you can see the row of wrong colour stitches throughout... actually I think it does look nice, but not was I was aiming for. The pattern does work for two colours as you see on the right.

I love the way the reverse side looks too! I almost can't quite get my head around the process; how odd the punch card looks; it doesn't seem to correlate to the design at all. 

I think I know how to get it to work for more colours; I just need to add additional rows to space out the colour changes. I'll keep you posted on the progress.

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