Monday, 20 February 2017

Outcome of 3rd Newborn baby jumper

Well that's a bit better, isn't it?

There are still a few changes I would make to the final pattern, but overall I think this is finally a wearable garment. I've laundered it and it feels super-soft as it's made of a lovely merino wool.

I would change the sleeve pattern a little by starting the shaping a little further from the cuff and not having a straight section where the sleeve meets the shoulder. I'd also make the sleeves a few rows shorter. For this jumper I folded the cuffs and sewed them double, just to reduce the length a little.

Another change would be in the button fastening at the neck edge. I messed up the buttonholes and had to add loop-type buttonholes during the cast off process. This has caused the buttons to sit too high on the shoulder. Next time, I'll put the buttonholes in just before the rib, so they sit more on the front of the garment.

Apart from that I feel it's been much more successful that the pervious attempts. Especially since it looks like a human shaped person could fit into it!

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