Sunday, 5 February 2017

Outcome of V3

Design & fit issues
As you'll see V3 was far more successful that V1. There was a V2 in between but unfortunately it was so poor as to be almost unphotographable. I reduced the sizes to the point where the jumper was much, much too small and while I coud just about get it on, it was very tight indeed. For V3, I split the difference and made the size adjustments to be half way between V1 and V2.

I think this outcome is quite wearable and fairly close to my original intention. Fullness and length at the waist has been corrected satisfactorily. The sleeve width and cuffs are both much better.

There are just a couple of minor adjustments to be made.

  • The neckline is pleasing overall, but just a shade too wide as it exposes my bra strap very slightly. I would like to bring it in towards the centre by about 1 cm.
  • The bust shaping is too high and a little too noticeable. It needs to be dropped by about 2 cm and moved closer to the side seam, so that it will be hidden under the arm more. 


  • An extra stitch will be added to raglan shaping decreases towards the top of the back. This intended to narrow the back neck slightly and help pull neck sides closer to the centre.
  • Bust shaping will be added 10 rows before armhole shaping. 
  • Bust shaping will start at side seams to be less conspicuous.
  • Number of rows above bust shaping reduced to lower the front neck. 
  • Neckline shaping will be adjusted to make a deeper V shape. This will allow sides to become slightly higher without raising the neck overall.
  • No changes required. 

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