Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Outcome of V4

Design & fit

I'm really pleased with V4; it's almost exactly what I had in mind.
The neckline has been adjusted, so that it's now narrow enough to conceal my bra straps, but still has the wide princess-esque shape I was hoping for. I really like that it's narrower at the back neck and flares out at the bust.

Next steps

I think I've finally got the basic pattern perfect for me, but I want to expand and make a similar pattern in a range of sizes. At the moment this pattern has some quirks that are specifically designed with my figure in mind, but I know I'm far from standard. You might have noticed from the photos that I'm pretty busty and so I've made allowances for extra room at the bust in the pattern. For the standard patterns I will eliminate this extra bust shaping. I've decided that the size I've made for me minus the bust shaping, will be suitable as my standard medium and I'll grade the pattern up and down for small and large.

This design is deliberately intended to be almost vintage in style, with the neat fit, higher waist and princess neckline. These design features have been chosen to flatter my figure and as a personal design choice. In the standard patterns, I will also include a more standard round neck and options for a longer length and looser fit. I also intend to develop a cardigan pattern.

Once I have general standard patterns in place, I plan to introduce colour-work patterns and then move on to a range of different sleeve styles. 

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